I Tried. I Really Did. :/

Good mørning y’all,

we remember we left cute little Orcsibaby behind at the Linden Memorial off Corsica’s north shore, were she wrecked her boat. Today, this morning, I found some time to run around the memorial, think about the dead people in my family and friends circles, both RL and online, and then continue the Grand Tour. Yeah, it’s about time I’m heading south again. It’s beautiful up here in SL’s northern-most corner but my nipples are freezing so hard they’ll break thru the bikini if I don’t get into warmer climates soon-ish. 😮


So I’m heading down to the only landing dock at the memorial …

… only to find out there’s no rez spot there. 😮 Oh Fuk! 😦
And while I’m frantically flying and running around the isle, on my rez spot quest, LL decides it’s better to steal my hair and kick my tight ass out. :/

Ok, here’s what’s gonna happen next: For now I’ve gotta do a lot of RL shit and stuffz but when I return I’ll try to locate a rez zone around the area. If I can’t find anything I’ll have to set up from the Debelox race line. Coz there is a guaranteed rez. A bit of a shame to have my cruise, my grand tour, served as a mess of puzzle pieces but, well, that’s SL for you, right?

And now off with me. Swoosh …


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