New SL Viewer in 3 Minutes

Heard somewhere new version of Singularity is out, so immediately started the update process right away. Of course in typical comfortable and snuggly ArchLinux fashion, without even getting close to the Singu website.

Just like so:

One single command line in the terminal sets the magickal happening in motion. Flawless as (almost) always. Thx very much GordonGR for putting Singu in the AUR.
And without having to do anything further, my starter icon knew already that I have a new version and showed me the correct, which is the latest Alpha (nightly build) for Linux.

This update process is not just much  more comfy and faster than in Windows and MacOS but also beats all the other Linux distros. ^.^ Now, people, I know I sound like a broken record but isn’t that the final argument to win you over for joining us on the Linuxy side of computing? I mean this  and all the other great attributes of Linux in general. Of course, when you start out with LinuxMint you won’t have quite such luxuries as the AUR but I know some of the OrcaBlog readers are already on some or the other Linux OS, and maybe they would consider switching over to Arch, so you too can say pretty soon “BTW, I use Arch.”




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