The process of adding new regions to the Bellissaria continent

Didn’t know Bellissaria was already a year old. 😮 Time flies when you’re scared of the future. 😉

Daniel Voyager


On 16th August Quartz Mole responded to this question how long does it take to copy a few hundred trees and boats? on the Second Life Forums. Quartz gave an very interesting explanation I think on how LDPW Moles add new regions to the Bellissaria continent. Quartz makes it pretty clear on the different stages that needs to happen before any particular region or group of regions can be released. Each region has to get the green light (pass) along with several QA inspections in the process. Above each region is the LH REGION status marker showing how each region is coming along.

When you see a new batch of regions added on the new continent each new region has to be terraformed, divided up into parcels and roads need to be built. Then the houseboat slips come in followed by the decorating phrase. If there is any spare…

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