Orca’s Whole Again

Yes, your queen of boring desktops has an almost complete machine pool now:


\o/ YAY! \o/ MiniMax is back and ready to get into the action … of extended Second Life sailing tours and all the other things we can do in that graphics-heavy virtual environment.

Now dead: MiniMe.:(

Ok, gotta admit, MiniMe, my oldest Lenovo desktop, is in repair now, and it doesn’t look good for him. :/ I was bored and thought after thousands of years it’s about time to apply new cooling compound (which I did) and start him back up (which he didn’t do). Must’ve moved some small parts or otherwise ruined the (soldered on) graphics chip which lead to almost instantly frying of the chip. 😮 And today, after two days of testing, my repair lady declared MiniMax dead on arrival. 😦 She’ll call now some old-PC-parts-dealers in town if they maybe have that special sff motherboard for cheap price … otherwise MiniMe will go into the bin. 😦


Needs a totally new mobo if he wants to survive: MiniMe. 😮

But anyhoo, MiniMax is back! So I can and will finally continue my Grand Tour with alternating between the Class40 and Ana’s Bandit 50/3 as my means of transport.

Back where he belongs: MiniMax! 🙂


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