Second Life Is Plagued by Security Flaws, Ex-Employee Says

Hey peeps, we’re not only famous but infamous now for being such a pathetic buncha losers, trusting in Linden Lab to keep our data secure. Linden Lab of all the inept companies around the globe. And we trust them with our data and money. 😐 Are we, like, stupid or sumfink???

They couldn’t keep the scandalous story under wraps or wot?

A lawsuit filed by the former information security director of Linden Lab—the company behind the online virtual world Second Life, which, yes, is still a thing—claims the company mishandled sensitive user data and turned a blind eye to simulated acts of child molestation and the potential for money laundering.

In a lawsuit filed in San Francisco County Superior Court on July 30 and served to Linden Lab on Tuesday, Kavyanjali Pearlman, a security researcher who joined Linden Lab from Facebook in 2017, says that she raised these issues during her tenure, and was met with hostility. The suit alleges company executives retaliated against her for flagging cybersecurity risks and potential violations of anti-money-laundering laws, child exploitation, and data misuse.

Pearlman claims the company discriminated against her as a woman, an Indian immigrant, and a Muslim. “After making her concerns known, [she] was treated worse than similarly situated employees who were not immigrant women of color, who were not religiously Muslim and wore a hijab,” says the suit. “Instead of looking into Pearlman’s complaints, Linden Lab’s senior officers led a campaign of retaliation against her, painting her as an inept employee who has issues with communication, and ultimately terminating her employment in March of 2019.”

* read the whole stupid story by following this link: find such stories just boring and nerve wracking, that’s why I didn’t report about Mrs. Perlman and her obviously strongly SJW biased lawsuit against her ex-employer. Maybe she’s right, maybe The Lab is right. Meh. I won’t trust in neither of the parties. I just think it’s funny that such a non-event made it onto the pages of Wired.

The only positive message I found in the Wired article:

Second Life, which, yes, is still a thing

Pheew, good to know. I almost thought we weren’t a thing anymore. 😮


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