Xfce 4.14

Finally the most sloppily developed Linux desktop environment gets a much-needed update. I don’t think it’ll convince the old grouch Orca to even have a look at it anytime soon but, considering it’s wide-spread appeal and acceptance I should at least loose some words about it.

Yes 4.14 will be improved in many aspects and become kinda more fitting … at least for my needs. But, hey, there’s no need to hurry for you neither. Look …


As Joey Sneddon writes it’ll be very tricky to just install Xfce on top of your existing distro. The respective devs will update your system when they see fit. Or maybe only with the next version of your distro. I guess it’s best to just trust them and their expertise. You don’t wanna destroy your operating system, do you?

But as you can also see you should expect much faster updating from rolling release distros, like Manjaro and Arch. I find it cool that Joey makes a clear distinction between Arch and Manjo here, as PhilM and his gang always stress the point that Manjaro ain’t Arch. It’s based on Arch but no … it’s not really it. A little known fact that drives many ex-Manjaro users away and into the not very welcoming arms of proper vanilla ArchLinux and much more hospitable close-to-Arch derivatives … like my most favourite Linux ever, Namib GN/Linux! It really is as easy-peasy as the superduper easy Minty freshness, only faster and modernerer.

Okay, anyway, you see already where I’m going now, dontcha? Haven’t I shown you already that Arch and Arch-like rolling releases are nothing to be afraid of but indeed will make your life so much easier. That doesn’t mean you should set up the servers of your company, with all the important data on them, with ArchLinux. But we’re talking about our PCs, our Personal Computers. And there, particularly, is where ArchLinux shines and gives you all the best computing experiences. And with Arch instead of any *buntu or Debian or any other Linux family, you’ll have the most joy and satisfacton.

Come on now, grab on to something, say a little prayer and … JUMP! I’ve told you a thousand times how to do the swap savely and securely, and … ya, why not? If I tell you Namib is as easy as Mint, why don’t you go directly? Don’t do the stopover in Mint but go directly to jai… computing heaven. 😉

Only one word of warning: If you run into problems, and you will, guaranteed, you’ll find the usual Arch-forums a very harsh and hush-hush habitat for n00bs. Arch users are not unfriendly per se but let’s say they don’t have much patience for stupid n00bs who are too lazy to RtFM. And the Namib forum is almost non-existent but you’ll get quick help from frederic2ec (Namib’s sole developer) personally. And that is the ultimate and best help you can expect. For easy-peasy questions you can also ask Orcsibaby.

Wouldn’t that be just too cool, the n00b who immediately installs an ArchLinux derivative as their first Linux ever? A small step for you, a giant leap for all housewives on planet Earth! I think you should get a medal for that. 🙂


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