Just a Brief Update from Inworld

Heyas Lovelies,

yes, I know and please believe me, I’m as disappointed as you are. But before MiniMax isn’t prefectly repaired I refuse, point blank refuse, to continue with my grand tour, the big cruise that is supposed to bring me down Nautilus east coast, including all the new sailing estates along the way, then into Blake and the estates thereabouts. From there Westward Ho into Bingo Strait and to Triumphal for a glorious overnighter and then the new estate on the western end of Bingo Straight, and of course some Satori west coast goodness.

And from there on I shall try to negotiate my route up north and finally ending up at the beach in front of my café. So … hm, this might take some more months. :/ But anyway, I need to get started first, and for that I need MiniMax in perfect working order.

Oh jeez. 😐

Very rough sketch of my envisioned route down to Triumphal. From there on I must improvise I guess.

But until I can do all that fancy stuff I’m kinda grounded and housebound and will amuse myself with some building shit. Like so …

Couldn’t resist and started building a little hot onsen pool …
… and as you can see in the background, my garden café caravan. In front my new tiny home on wheels.


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