Cღṉdღṉсε (candance.sweetwater) Gallery opening Sunday August 18th 12:30 pm SLT

Hi everyone,

Today my SL journey took me to a wonderful sneak peek pre- gallery opening of a friend of mines  Cღṉdღṉсε (candance. sweetwater). As I took a few minutes to sit an admire  Cღṉdღṉсε’s exhibit.  Her art is amazing. I find it fun, sweet but also edgy combined with the layout. The way she has added the words that inspire her. I loved it.  As I was sitting admiring her work, Candance walked in.   So we talked about her art. 

Sunday:   Hi  Cღṉdღṉсε I love your new Gallery..Shall we get on with the interview?
Sunday:   Tell me  Cღṉdღṉсε  ,when did you know you were an artist?
Cღṉdღṉсε:  lolol though question lol …….  i started with just taking pictures from my daily busyness on sl, and people start to tell me i had a nice eye for view and camera angels …..  than i started to make more pictures and wanted to learn editing ,   i now i am here, but i would not say i am an artist to be honest …..    i know i can take nice pictures
Sunday:  YOU, very much are …since you don’t think you’re an artiest..what inspires you?
Cღṉdღṉсε:   music 🙂 i use a lot of music 🙂 sometimes lyrics for a song, sometimes its something i see in a clip,  but most have to do a lot with music Sunday:  Me too..

Cღṉdღṉсε:   thats also why i have the 4000 by 4000 pictures ……. because its a square that could be the sleeve of a record 🙂

Sunday:    aww. What does your work aim to say?

Cღṉdღṉсε: “ don;t take yourself to serious 🙂 have fun and“ do what you like 🙂 ”

Sunday: Whats next?

Cღṉdღṉсε: in what way ?  next question? next goal for me ?  were do i work on ?

Sunday:  yes, whats your next  goal  in your arts. 
Cღṉdღṉсε : there are some subjects i want to use still ,  would love to make a tasty BDSM like serie of pictures in the future and for the rest i think i will go on like i am doing now , when i find a subject that interest me i will try to make it 🙂

Sunday:    Oh, sounds super interesting!
Sunday:  What was your first picture ever  do you remember?  
Cღṉdღṉсε: i don’t remember to be honest ….. but i know its on my flickr page …….  lol
Sunday:  ok, final question…

Sunday: What part of the world in rl are you in ” if”  you want to tell.
Cღṉdღṉсε:  sure , i am in the Netherlands 🙂  but … born in Bangladesh 🙂
Sunday: Thank you Cღṉdღṉсε. Its been a pleasure . I look forward to your opening.

Cღṉdღṉсε Gallery opening is  Sunday August 18th, 2019 12:30pm SLT

Candance’s Gallery https://www.flickr.com/people/133078615@N06, Tangun (187, 234, 65)
Candace’s Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/people/133078615@N06
I hope many stop by. 


  1. Remember, girls, if you’re going to da pardy don’t forget to snap photos … lotsa photos! Of mighty men and half-nekkid bishies and all the drink n drugs. 😉 Orcablog readers wanna see the decadence of rich avatars.

    And hey, Sunny, it sure would’ve been nice to show some of Candance’s pictures to pepper your story. And your grammar is like … 😮

    LOL, laterz hunz


  2. I know,  I know.. I didn’t want to change anyone’s words.  I debated about taking pictures. It was hard not to; I love her work so. I chose not to out of respect for Candance as an artist and the other artist selling their art at the same gallery. I did however  hinted of what’s to come. lol  via the  picture of Candance standing in front of a picture she created.  thank you for helping me Orca and pointing things out 🙂 I do appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “respect for Candance”
      Uh ok. If I remember correctly, the artists with exhibitions in my old OrCafé always gave me permission to publish some of their artwork for the blog. Maybe times have changed and ppl aren’t as friendly and cooperative anymore. :/


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