Opening of a new game in second life,

Hi everyone, I’d like to tell you about a cool new game coming to second life end of 2019 .Last night I received the grand tour from the builder the fabulous Silbersichel 

From the Serenity Valley Staff..It’s  going to be  fun..  and the build is fantastic.  To celebrate the coming  soon of this game. The Serenity Valley Staff will be holding an Hourglass Promotion Party!  I do hope you get by to visit ..A short message  from the staff:   At August 14. from 3 to 5 PM (slt) there is a lovely Hourglass Promotion Party – all Drinks are free! And no, you don’t need to pay or donate anything! 2 hours of lovely Life Music by Samm Qendra & Macimillion Kleene You’ll find us at: 􀀁 Infos about Hourglass you’ll find here or at the Sim 􀀀 Your Serenity Valley Staff

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