\o/ MiniMax is Home Again! \o/


… and doesn’t work. 😮

Shitty shit. I dunno what computer repair lady did all the time while MiniMax was in her care, but obviously she didn’t fix its problems. Quite the contrary, now he doesn’t even show anything on the screen. I tried everything, plugged the screen into the grapics card but also into the mainboard. And while that worked for a while, it just stopped and from then on out it only showed pitch bläck. 😦

Ok, back he goes to the workshop tomorrow and for just now: Hello and welcome again on Gaga. 😐



    • Guys, guys, this is Africa and the techy lady and me are kinda friends. I’m her client since 2002, already helped her out when she was swamped with jobs, so we trust each other. I only pay once I’m 100% happy and I always get good prices. Often I pay nothing. Yeah, she must have been sloppy with her QC now, or something came loose during the transport back home. Anyway, tomorrow morning after gym MiniMax goes back in.


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