Orca has been Insulted! :o

HooHoo, bit of a Linux post, but mainly about the bickery going on between old man Karmi and your sexy young and fresh editeuse, the Orca. Or no, it’s actually a rather one-direction bickering from Karmi –> me. :/ And I guess it’s a rather friendly bickering of two grouches.

Anyhoo, look what I just found in Karmi’s very opinionated blog:


Ignore the ANTIFA ‘Fanatical Linux’ users who claim that Linux Fragmentation (e.g. 600/2000 Distros) is a good thing, e.g. ‘Cream rises to the Top’. Those same ‘Linux Fanatical’ users then start spewing hatred towards Ubuntu because it did actually rise to the *TOP*.

Please let me explain that Karmi killed the comment function of his blog and went into full autism mode now. What you ‘fraid of gramps? For me it means I’m continuing the conversation here in this healthy open to discussion blog.

Back to the topic in hand: Yes, I’m a member of AntiFa, I mean what partly Jewish girl who’s lost half her family in Hitler’s death camps, and now feels the worldwide move to extreme right, fascist politics, wouldn’t join AntiFa on local level? But, I really have no idea why Karmi reacts so badly to what other people do in  their spare time. And I absolutely fail to make the connection between AntiFa and GNU/Linux! No idea what Karmi is all about with such a meaningless phrase.

Yes, of course is fragmentation a good thing. It happens naturally when you give many people the opportunity to learn about software and try their fingers in programming and administration of software. Coolest thing ever!

That cream rises to the top is just the logical result of throwing all the existing Linux distros in one huge pot of download links and let the users decide what they like most. I myself have nothing to do with that academic economic model. Just pointing it out.

I’m not a fanatical Linux user, I’m just a user and have no other function in the Linux community. That I blog about Linux stuff has no influence on the community at large.  You won’t even find my blog when you search for Linux blogs.

And I wouldn’t use those overly dramaqueenish terms like “spewing hatred” to describe my non-relation with Canonical/Ubuntu. I just don’t like that specific distro and love to crack lame jokes about it. And all that NOT because it rose to the top. I wasn’t there but I guess Ubuntu once was the nonplusultra Linux distro, since Mark Shuttleworth and his gang indeed were the first ones to make a Linux for Human Beings. Superduper! Ubuntu deserved to be number #1 not only in DistroWatch charts but in the real life installation base too. Particularly there, since we shouldn’t care about the business side of Canonical, Red Hat, SuSE and Oracle. We end users just try stuff out and decide for what we love best. And for the most basic demands of new and leisurely users Ubuntu’s lost lots of its appeal. We just need to take a look at Linux Mint, which has taken the Ubuntu base and made it so much better. And other distros didn’t sleep neither.

Yes, Ubuntu is probably, most probably the most-used Linux distro on the planet. But that has purely human reasons, nothing to do with the merits of the system. Ubuntu users are a bit like Windows users. They worked hard and had a bad time, and now that they finally are at home in Ubuntu they stopped looking for better alternatives. For many newbies Ubuntu = Linux. They don’t even know about the existence of other distros. Canonical themselves steered their users in that direction.

So, Karmi and everybody, can you really claim that Orca hates Ubuntu? Just because it’s not for me or every other person with taste and a demand for up-to-dateness. 😉 I’m critical, I won’t recommend it … and still, if I had to decide between either Windows or Ubuntu, I would be sooo quickly on Ubuntu, you wouldn’t belief.



  1. Twice in one day … who’s trolling who?! Funny, how most WW2 Germans were on the Eastern front or back in Germany busy hiding Jews and Gypsies from Nazis or trying to hide from the Nazis themselves. Amazing how Germany managed to fill their military ranks and staff their Concentration Camps when so many Germans were either fighting Russians or trying to save Jews.

    Rapists usually claim they are not rapists. Child molesters usually claim they never molest children. Now, we have the modern day versions of the Nazi party and/or the KKK – i.e. ANTIFA claiming they are against “Fascism.” Yeah, right…


    • “Twice in one day … who’s trolling who?!”
      And there it is again, the big showy showspeak. What all sane people around the globe call a reasoning, becomes a TROLL in America.

      The rest of your first paragraph confuses me. Yes, 8 out of 10 killed German soldiers died on the eastern front. Because that is were the real WW2 was fought: Germany vs USSR! USA lost 495k soldiers in WW2 in all theatres, Hitler lost 300k in Stalingrad alone. But it’s indeed a badly researched rumour that many Germans helped hiding jews. It was a police state and german civilists are generally too cowardish to do anything that might get them arrested or killed.

      Anyway, again what does the blackest chapter in German history to do with Linux?

      “Now, we have the modern day versions of the Nazi party and/or the KKK – i.e. ANTIFA claiming they are against “Fascism.” ”
      What a load of crap! In Germany we already have a nazi party, the NPD. AntiFa wants it prohibited and banned, so how can you say they are a modern day version? You make less and less sense. Many AntiFa members are also socialists, social democrats, greens, trade unionists, church members, and many intellectuals. They are from many politically different groups, but you can’t say about any AntiFascist in Germany they are nazis.

      Also there is still my question: What tbe fuk has anything of that to do with the Linux topic?


      • There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism. The common denominator among them was unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity. It is delusional to think that the totalitarian impulse expired with the 20th Century.
        – E. Nuff Said

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        • We all know that quote, Karmi, you used it by god often enough. You might be even partly correct … and still isn’t this a Linux discussion? So maybe you should toss your politagitator persona, come back and meet the rest of us in this Linux dialogue.

          For example you could start by explaining why you think Ubuntu needs your help and support and why you think the Circle of Life princip isn’t valid for Ubuntu. And in how far I spewed hate on it and why cool, modern distros aren’t as good.

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    • Its plainly clear you know very little about the Germans were doing in World War Two,especially after the Eastern Front collapsed. You,Mr. Nazi,wish to revise how evil and murderous the Nazis were not only against the Jews,the Russians but also their own people. The Germans weren’t saving Jews,hell they weren’t allowed even allowed to save themselves….

      “Saving Jews”……riiiiiight.

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  2. 🤔 Hmm. Are you sure that you are the reason why Karmi disabled the comment function on his blog?

    I have noticed that he removed the “Like” button from his blog. I was still liking his blog posts (genuinely of course) after he disabled the comment function.

    Now, I can be a bit sensitive so I hope that I was not the cause of him removing his “Like” button.

    Also, I see no reason for a person to stop engaging in a healthy conversation pertaining to Linux via the comments section.

    Anyway, Karmi is entitled to disable the comments functionality on his blog along with the “Like” button.

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    • Karmi here … I didn’t disable any functions because of you or any one here.

      Seems like most of my blog commenters were spammers or ‘Linuxhidadists‘ who were beyond just obnoxious (they are all over many Linux forums). I got tired of moderating them.

      My blog/s are the free ones, so I don’t know what the other paid type blogs offer. Anyway, I didn’t like the “Like” button … for a couple of reasons – fine for others, but just not for me. Took me awhile to figure out how to stop comments. “Like” and “Reblog” both seemed to be connected, even tho the setting choice seemed otherwise, i.e. apparently deleting the “Like” choice also got rid the the “Reblog” button.

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      • “apparently deleting the “Like” choice also got rid the the “Reblog” button.”

        Yesyes. I found that out myself: Reblog only after you hit the Like button. ;/ They don’t get it in their stupid minds that I don’t necessarily need to Like a post but there are other reasons to reblog something. But we’re talking about the company that brought us the Gutenberg Editor and won’t listen to 98% of their customers telling them it’s krapoola. :/


    • “Are you sure that you are the reason why Karmi disabled the comment function on his blog?”
      No. And I never even thought thought that it was because of me.When I first found out about it, I hadn’t visited Karmi’s blog in weeks I guess.

      “Anyway, Karmi is entitled to disable the comments functionality on his blog along with the “Like” button.”
      Yes, of course. I always had a comment function in my blog but only “recently” started the Social bullshit with Likes and all that good stuff. I could take it away again. But why would I? I like it when the comment section turns into a kinda mini forum. It becomes a conversation, which is even better than the one-way communication of a strict blog.

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  3. Um, we are still talking about Linux, right? Because I hafta say two little things: First, that Canonical wasn’t the first, nor the only effort to make Linux “friendly” for desktop users. It was, however, the best (as in most successful) at it, making “Linux for Human Beings” a thing. We should all be grateful for that. But now that Ubuntu has been Number One for so long, Canonical thinks it can get away with making some choices that are simply not in the users’ best interest (my opinion) and not good for Linux development in the future. Making “snaps” the default software manager in 20.04 and beyond was just the latest in a string of choices I strongly disagree with, so a fond farewell to Ubuntu and it’s many offspring. Ubuntu is the butt of jokes for two reasons, I think:

    1. Arrogant snobs bash Ubuntu because it’s simple for us ordinary (as in typical) users to install and use, and

    2. Traditional Linux users – even former Ubuntu lovers – have come to disagree with the “direction” Canonical is taking with Ubuntu (a whole ‘nother topic that would stray too far from this one). I count myself among this group, however I don’t “bash” Canonical/Ubuntu as alot of others do. I still hold too much gratitude in my heart both for Linux and for Ubuntu for bringing Linux to an ordinary guy like me, even with moderate-to-severe technophobia.

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    • “Ubuntu has been Number One”
      They still are, marketshare wise. On DistroWatch they are down to #4, topped by MX, Manjaro and Mint.

      “1. Arrogant snobs bash Ubuntu because it’s simple for us ordinary (as in typical) users to install and use”
      That’s bad in some people’s minds, right? LOL,for me Ubuntu is too complicated, sorry. Not the install or general usage but I find the Gnome3 desktop unspeakably dumb and impractical and slow and infuriating.

      “2. Traditional Linux users – even former Ubuntu lovers – have come to disagree with the “direction” Canonical is taking with Ubuntu”
      Yes, yes, yes! I know Mark is trying to keep Ubuntu kinda relevant and Canonical a successful business. so Microsoft will pay him a fantastillion Woolongs for it. But with his latest moves he’s lost many many “just users” … Microsoft’s core clientéle.

      We will not forget what good Canonical did for Linux in the first place, but everything is changing, particularly in IT, rather quickly. So you can’t rest on your laurels, Mark, but you need to move quick and keep your Ubuntu fresh and young and hip and fashionable. And other distros can do that trick much better.


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