And Here’s Another Reason

… of many why I prefer my sexy Arch derivate Linux distro over the famous Ubuntu:

The recently released Ubuntu 18.04.3 includes Linux Kernel 5.0 among several new features and improvements but you won’t get it by default. This tutorial demonstrates how to get Linux Kernel 5 in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Let’s look at what we get from Arch:

Kernel 5.2.7 delivered fresh, directly to my computer

Yes, of course you can install kernel 5 in your Ubu. You don’t even need to listen to some know-it-all with a heavy Indian accent to do it. Ubuntu is a Linux distro after all (even if they don’t like to be one). But they don’t offer it to you. You gotta find out by yourself if Linus and the gang have relesed a newer better kernel. Arch upstream offers you the latest kernels as soon as they are published. You just have to decide if you want it or not.

Again a point were Ubuntu (and all its forks) is clunky, complicated and needlessly hard to maintain. And that is a fact, no matter if Karmi acknowledges it or not. 😉


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