Jeezuz! :(

Any of you braindwarfs still using the .doc format for your text files?


Listen fukheads, have you still not learned that no proprietary Microsoft format is really a “standard” of any kind? They just pushed their agenda so hard and made all the stupid consumer sheeples believe it is so.

But it ain’t!

Traditonally writers used to send their manuscripts in to the publishers and agents as .rtf (Rich Text Format) files. Because that is how professionals do it. That publishing houses accept, and even encourage, autors to send their shit as .doc files, is only because they are sick and tired of trying to educate all those 50 Shades of Twilight Vampires fanfiction-scribbling chicks in the correct usage of their toolset.

And of course malware autors, that are on average at least 50 shades more cleverer than the scribble kiddies, know of this handicap … and exploit it!

But hey, no fear, this isn’t one of my countless attempts to lure you over to Linux, you may even keep on, wasting your pocket money on Microsoft products. I guess you’ll find .rtf format in the format list in MS Word as well as you’ll find it in Libre Office. It is the better format to save your precious Novel of the 21st Century in anyway!

But, again, I wouldn’t complain hearing from any of you little punx that you made the jump and are now save and secure and happy in Linux. You’re welcome here on the light side! 😉

So, again, on demand, here’s auntie Orca’s security checklist:

  • Toss all your anti-social shit: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, every Google app, Skype … and everything that looks even remotely like fun.
  • Don’t – let me repeat that: DO NOT! – open each and every badly misspelled mail you find in your inbox! Report them to your email provider. You can live without them, without missing anything.
  • Have fun with your Nigerian prince, but don’t send him your money or give him your account details!
    Nigeria used to be nice country, now it’s oil swamp, property of USA
  • Clue up about shit!
  • Get your shit together!
  • Be vigilant!
  • Be excellent to each other!
  • Do yoga!
  • Eat your veggies!!!


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