This is Sick!

Satire the American way?

Howdy Bruzzaz and Ziztahz,

I haven’t seen this movie yet – and probably never will coz why should I concern myself with silly American problems? – but I guess if it follows the typical Hollywoodian fashion of grossly misinterpreting cultural concepts it is a bonafide peace of crapola. Not that the MAGA types don’t deserve all bad things coming to them, and they themselves aren’t totally opposing violent behaviour. Quite the contrary, they prove every day what a bunch of intolerant egomaniacs they really are … butt stuff like this “satire” is neither entertaining nor clever.

There are sooo so so many arguments one can make against Trump, the GOP, the dems, the patridiots, conservatives of any kind, the corporatism and all that riff raff. ARGUMENTS! Got that? Shooting people dead doesn’t make a logical reasoning. You can’t repay like with like. An eye for an eye? What are we, stupid zealots and bible thumpers?

And have you seen who’s behind this work? Damon fucking Lindelof, and Jason bumfuk Blum. Not really no-names in Tinseltown but at least Lindelof is already infamous for mucking up more than just one screenplay. :/

America can’t be won by having “the elites” fight for you, neither the liberals nor the fascists, and it can’t be won by violence.

That’s not the way to start the – long overdue – Second American  revolution.

Anyhoo, go read the article and then decide if you gonna support that, surely funny, movie. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see some of those MAGA types getting their asses handed to them? 😉

Ok, now be good to each other, cya laterz …



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