Five Linux Myths Debunked

Hey again, I’ve decided to flunk gym but be a full force Linux propaganda machine this fine rainy Thursday morning. Yes, you sensed it correctly, my good PC is still in the workshop and the repair lady is MIA. 😮 So I’ve got nothing better to do than to drum the Linux beat. Second story from/about Tom’s YT channel this morning is an all-time great topic: Misconceptions and wrong prejudices about Linux.

Here goes:

Honest now, I can’t really understand all the negativity and resistance and all the wrong pseudo reasonings against Linux. Are those trolls all just paid by Microsoft, Adobe, Apple? Real fact is that if you’re a stupid housewife and just do the usual mom n pop computing stuff you will have much less problems in Linux than in Windows. And if you’re a clever geek Linux will be even mo’ betterer for you!


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