Hoy! Look what the YouTube company sent me today …

A highly succesful video outlet. 😮

Hah, no, I’m not on YouTube since 2015 only. But at that time I switched from my very private email-addy to Orca’s. And since an even shorter time I’m a super duper creative creator and director of my own YT videos with my very own channel. Mhm. 😉

Professionally made high class videos with ultra high production values!

OscarOf course this is all ultra cheap, badly made nonsense. If you really want something of distinction and good taste, please consider listen to my playlist. This is really the best music of the 60s, 70s, 80s,90s, noughties and now! Of course only when you don’t expect too much pop and Top 40s stuff. And not much Americana neither. The list is till growing day by day, every time I remember some song. Just a shame that most stuff of my youth was never made any film/video of and is irretrievably lost in time …

And as always and with every YT channel: Please Thumb Up, Subscribe and Ring that bell! 🙂

Or not, meh. =^.^=



    • LOL Renard, my blog does indefinetely better than the channel. For good reasons. And anyway, they are interwoven by fate and by purpose. Made a couple vids to illustrate points of my blog. So it’s all kinda goodygood.

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