We Aren’t Really Adults

No, not really …

My brush head is already replaced since I got my toothbrush first and been thru some already. Hubby just recently decided he needs his own. 😐

As easy to see by the choice of our toothbrushes. I mean Frozen and Star Wars themed hygienic products are really silly, no? But according to our drivers licences and passports we are adults, like real adults n shit. And I wanna stress the point that exactly the same toothbrush for not-kidz is just a boring blue/white, no fancy delightful movie theme. And that would mean we never would know which toothbrush is whos. :/

Now life is easy and good. Charming light blue/pink is princess Orca’s thoothfairy brush, and brutal blue/red is my shitlord husband’s.


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