You know all American presidents, up to now, have been irredeemable sociopaths, psychopaths and mass murderers. You don’t actually believe the most recent one to be any different, do ya?

Very good posting by Hamlet:

I knew it. It’s all Trump’s fault!

Hardly any gamers are violent in real life. But to the extent that there is a small subset of gamers who are violent, or openly support violence, the media should stop looking for evidence that the games themselves are the problem — the proof is slim to none — and start looking into which politicians actively exploited these gamers for their own gain. There, the evidence is abundant.

People and American comrades, I say it again: Look at the Yellow Vests in France. Compared to them your own Occupy Wall Street movement was kindergarten level. Wanna have health care for all, want decent education, decent broadband, decent labour laws, more vacation, maternity leave, get rid of your boss’s hire and fire mentality, don’t want your kidz to be shot dead in school, wanna have more good stuff?

Well, you gotta get active, fight for your rights!

You yourfuknself!

Voting for Clinton/Trump won’t change fukall. You gotta do it yourself. Get loud, get disruptive, join the unions, leave your oldold political parties, become at least a passive resistance. At least!

Or did you forget how revolutions work?



  1. Hamlet drinks the Kool-Aid. It would be a good idea to get the truth before you join a revolution that destroys the country that has lifted more people out of poverty than any in history.

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    • What is Kool-Aid pls? Guess I’ve heard the term before, never quite cared enough to find out what it means.

      Far be it from me to join any revolution. Honestly I’m too old and lazy for that shit. Didn’t move my lame ass to the last 2nd world-ish corner of the globe to get involved in global politics now.

      Revolutions are not started to destroy countries, just to put inapt and detrious gov’mts out of power. And why the heck would I start a revolution in China? Most adorable country with the most effective gov’mt on the fukn planet right now. And that without starting wars left and right.


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