For the Love of *Random Deity* …

Please, don’t watch the video.

… don’t use open source graphics drivers!!! Or any FOSS drivers at all.

FUKSAKE, we bought the graphics card (some childlike minds call it video card), the printer, scanner, whatever peripheral shit with our own money  – or that of our parents or whomever – we or they have worked long and hard for. We have the right to use the proprietary drivers by the hardware manufacturers. Because that stuff not only werkz, it werkz betterer than FOSS shit directly out of momma’s basement. Ok, let it be closed source, let it be made by multibillion dollar industries … pfff, is your name Stallman or what? So why bother?

Listen, I’m a romantic socialist too, and I hate all the industrial products but, hey: We all have decided to spend money on computerz, no? Put our woolongs directly into their greedy hands. And now we deal with it! Okay? So don’t play the good conscience of activist consumers but stay logical. By using Linux at all you’ve already proven to be head and shoulders above the non-social minded idiot consumer sheeples of the western world. A more worthy human being.


BUTT you always gotta use the right tool for the job!

You’ve bought that Nvidia or AMD card, now you can use their drivers as well. You bought the right, now make use of it!

I don’t mean to belittle FOSS in the greater scheme of things, it’s actually amazing how great FOSS software mostly is. I wouldn’t trade my Libre Office, my GIMP, my VLC for any paid-for software. But particularly in graphics cards drivers there happens a lot of communication between hard-and software, it’s close to impossible for some well-meaning amateurs to reach the same professional results like the professional coders of the manufacturers. I guess we can he happy they made Linux versions of their drivers at all!

Rant over. 😉


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