Another One Bites the Dust :(

After Antergos, now one-man-show SwagArch goes the way of the dodo. :/

Fortunately there are some more (and better) ArchLinux distros around.

I guess I quite liked the easygoing humbleness of SwagArch. But now that I’ve found my spiritual home in Namib GNU/Linux (as you should too) I find most other distros kinda redundant and strongly believe that we will survive Swag’s sudden death.



  1. 🙂 SwagArch was a one-man team.

    He thinks that Solus is more secure than Arch; I think he is wrong about that.


    Because, if you have ever downloaded Google Chrome or Skype from Solus’s third-party repository section, you would have noticed that you have to manually update them by pressing, “Check for updates” (Which is ridiculous).

    Arch Linux, Debian and Ubuntu do those updates automatically.

    The last thing that a person needs is malware finding its way into their system because of the browser or an app was not updated.

    Solus works lovely, but I have my doubts about it being more secure than Arch Linux.

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    • “if you have ever downloaded Google Chrome or Skype from Solus’s third-party repository”

      No, nay, never would I do such a thing.
      – Chrome and Skype are proprietary products
      – I’d never download and install anything not in the repo
      – My testing time on Solus was way too short to get into such specifics. I only test in so far as to find out if I like the look n feel. And there was always something wrong with Solus, at least for my taste
      – I may be a stuntgirl but I don’t like to see the world burn 🙂

      I wasn’t surprised to learn that Swag was a singular effort, it always gave exactly that impression. One guy’s vision realized in a distro.

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