Sorry to have to break it to Jem Sternhall of Around the Grid blog fame, but asking God is the wrong way of action. People of America and Europe should look at the people of France, wear your yellow vests and meet in the streets for some loosely organised walkabouts. Every day, or once a week. In places where you’re seen, where it hurts the economy, where you get attention and where your fukn gov’mt doesn’t want you to be.

Be loud, be proud. Do it like the gays, make a fuzz, get arrested, make your statement to the cameras of the news teams. You have good arguments to start a revolution. And maybe, just maybe the police will join you, or at least will refuse to arrest you and pull you away from town’s squares, bus terminals and main stations. Make them yours again.

Show the world what makes America great. Not by invading poor small countries and wasting gazillions of tax dollars but by a revolution of the people!

Let them know that you are the people and you finally want to be served. Demand that America asks what it can do for you, not what you can do for America!



Around the Grid

How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart …?

Psalm 13:2, King James Version


An open letter to the lawmakers of the United States of America:

You are accused, and stand convicted in our eyes, of moral cowardice and of shirking your responsibility to govern this country for the good of its citizens.

We the people you are supposed to work for … something you seem to have forgotten … stand aghast before you on the day following not just one, but two more mass shootings.

We see the blood beginning to paint our streets with greater frequency, but we see nothing of substance done to stem or reverse the flow. All we detect are the pious, if not sanctimonious, expressions of sympathy to the families of the victims, and the accusations of each political side against the other before microphones and cameras…

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