Namib GNU/Linux – with Xfce Flavour


Short and to the point, hubby had a go at our favourite Linux distro, Namib, but with the Xfce desktop environment. He played around for a while, tried to customize everything to his taste and in the end was just shrugging his shoulders and told me I can delete that shit again. :/ Hmmmm …


Yeah, as you can see he didn’t get very far in his endeavour to bend and kneat Xfce to his will. That fukn oldschool GUI is stubbornly uncooperative sometimes … and no fun to use.  Also the standard menu is a headache in and on itself. Not a joyful experience. 😐

Know what, I guess I’ll end my Xfce crusade right here and now. I know I wanted to look at Mint Xfce next, and maybe Linux Lite and what else comes along. But in the end they all have the same achilles heel, the same stupid desktop.

I’ve also kicked Xfce from my list of acceptable desktop environments, which leaves me with just 2 and a secret champion: Mate, Cinnamon … and KDE. All the KDE fraggles tell me it’s the bestest thing since fried potatoes in a tube, and I know it is indeed, but I didn’t get around testing it out. My oldfashioned Gnome2-ish desktop does everything I want and need, which is quite some more than Win could ever do, so I can live without KDE Plasma’s overkill.

So here is my very short list of recent recommendations:

  • For n00bs: Linux Mint – Cinnamon
  • For advanced experts: Linux Mint – Cinnamon
  • For Rock Solid Stable servers: Debian 10 Buster
  • For fashionable and slightly silly bishies: Namib GNU/Linux – Mate

That’s it. We’re done here. Go home and install the Minty goodness on all your computahz! Now. Do it NAO!!!



    • But he did, Renard, he did! After his Kubuntu 14.04 had reached EOL and he didn’t wanna go with Plasma 5, he switched to Namib/Mate and is on the same OS like me now. On his own lappy. Which is totally different from my distro tester machine on my desk. He already knew Namib/Mate since he works often on my good computer, downloading movies and TV shows, found it workable and put it on his komputah too. Last night he just wanted to check out the difference between Mate and Xfce, and I was happy to comply.
      And, almost as expected, when I woke up and found him working on my production machine and the tester dark and off and neglected, he was like “Brrrr. That Ex-face of yours, that’s some nasty shit. Put something decent on.”
      And I was like “Told ya!”
      And he was like “You’re always right, my queen.”
      And I was like “Yes, of course! Any doubts about that?”
      And he was like gigglesnorting “No, nay, never!”


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