Accidental Nostalgia

Oh hey, hey oh!

Totally by accident I stumbled upon a vendor which sold a moped. Now that isn’t anything special, I got most my SL vehicles from vendors. But this one sold a moped that looked strangely familiar. And indeed it was …

… a Simson Star!

You know when the GDR, a.k.a. German Democratic Republic, a.k.a. “Dark Germany”, “the other side” or “fukn commies”, closed shop in late 1989 most of the poor sods couldn’t wait to get new shiny capitalist cars and bikes and so all their old shit became available for ultra cheap.

Here’s the original of my SL moped:

Of course, and as typical for the commie products, their mopeds were stronger, faster, simpler, easy to repair and ultra stylish since they’ve been constructed in the 50s and 60s. It was a field day for us western hipsters and hippies and for a while you could hear the trademark rang-a-dang 2-stroke sound and smells at every corner. Every boy and girl had to have at least one of the commie-peds. Most of us gurlies went for the scooter version of the Star (starling), the Schwalbe (swallow). Too bad  I haven’t found a Schwalbe in SL yet but I do wonder if the expression “good girls swallow” has something to do with this particular scooter 😉 In RL I had two of those and later, a moped that looked like a little motorcycle. All these things were perfect for commuting and … fun to ride. As products of East Germany they got special permissions to drive faster, up to 60 km/h, compared to western products which were restricted to 50 km/h.  Most of us got our mopeds up to almost 90 km/h without any tuning. And soooo cheap to operate, they hardly used any gas /oil.
The Schwalbe: Same toolbox, but more comfy for gurlz of all ages. Ridable when wearing skirts. Cool. Orca had two of these.

These were the perfect runarounds to zip to work and pubs and clubs and cafés. And thanks to  the big 16″ wheels they were much easier and saver to ride than those silly Italian Vespas and all the Jap and Chinese and Korean crapola with their rollerblade wheels.

The real big fat cruiser I mostly used for the long weekend rides to biker rallies and to the sea n stuff. But in urban traffic you can’t beat a little 50cc scooter. It’s the most fun and practical way to haul ones @$$ around.

Teehee, RL weedeeooh:

But back to the SL moped. It’s called ACCC Star and is made by Ande Cortes and available inworld at ACCC Motors or from the Marketplace.



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