Waiting for #4 Xfce Comparison?

XubuntuLogoWe had Xubuntu, didn’t like it; Endeavour OS, were severely underwhelmed; followed by Manjaro, thought it was probably thEndeavourLogoe best Xfce Linux out there; now having installed Namib GNU/Linux’s Xfce flavour … but not touching it yet. Hubby claimed first digs and I was happy to comply. Because why not, right? Only that lazy motherlover was busy watching videos the whole night and didn’t even look at the awesomeness I had installed on our test rig. :/


Kudos to Namib Linux for Making Arch ApproachableYes I know you can hardly wait for my final verdict, but please let’s give hubby his five minutes of feeling important n stuff … and anyway, you know how many distros there are, using Xfce as their DE of choice? Quadzillions!!! I kid you not.


Once hubby’s done with Namib I will try out Mint Xfce and have a look what other acceptable base distro also come with that outdated desktop. Meanwhile asking my stupid self why I’m doing that. :/ Xfce is only my 3rd choice when it comes to user GUIs, and I never shopped around so much with my more beloved desktops Mate and Cinnamon. Let’s say it just happened to happen.

And anyway …

It’s alive! 😮

After zombieing around for thousands of years Ex-Face finally shows some feeble lifesigns. OMfG! 😮



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