Upgrade Your Linux Mint to 19.2

I hear they made some good progress, particularly speedwise. So if I was on Mint I’d not hesitate a second but do the upgrade nownow! But let’s see what Joe’s gotta tell us you to do.

It’s also, like always, the bestest distribution to start your Linux journey on. 😉

Or … hehe, throw all that good shit in the bin and join Orca on the Archy side. =^.^=



      • 🙂 On August the 2nd, I made the decision to go back to Manjaro Linux.

        In the past, I utilized the “Testing Branch” of Manjaro Linux and I loved it.

        This time around, I have decided to spice things up a bit by utilizing the “Unstable Branch” of Manjaro Linux.

        My favourite desktop environment is MATE (I went with that, so there is no Xfxe for me).

        For the record, Solus MATE worked well for me. But I needed a change.

        Do have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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        • “I have decided to spice things up a bit by utilizing the “Unstable Branch” of Manjaro Linux.

          My favourite desktop environment is MATE (I went with that, so there is no Xfxe for me).”

          Whoa, you a real stuntman, Renard. I like that a lot and was exactly how I always set up my Manjaro: Mate + Unstable. But in the end it wasn’t really possible to switch to Unstable anymore but didn’t matter since the system broke after every 3rd of 4th update anyway. 😦
          No such probs with Namib. Particularly the Mate seems to run a lot smoother than on Manjaro.

          Ya, Solus … hm, nice pretty nice but in the end it just wasn’t right for me. :/

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  1. You know I keep it Minty. It’s not just the best to start on, there is no reason to use anything else..unless you just like making things difficult to be trendy (by being obscure) or extra nerdy and like doing things the hard way. So far, there is nothing I can’t accomplish on Mint…and seemingly easier than some of my other Linux friends using the more nerdier harder not as pretty OS’s..just sayin. LOL

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    • JACKIE!!!
      Where you been, girl? Damn long time I had to survive here without your always well-informed and fundamentally correct comments. Hope you’re doing fantabulous. Welcome, welcome back! I hope you won’t disappear again for such a long time.

      Regarding Mint, yes, you’re right again, it is the only Linux anyone would ever need. Not saying the bestest or taking any superlatives in my mouth since I’ve learned we’re not supposed to do so.

      Choice of Linux distro is a very personal decision and depends on many factors, as we all should know. Some ppl want and need super stability since they run servers with all the patient data of a hospital, others just wanna play and experiment, and then again there are those wannabe fashion models like yours truly, who can’t even imagine not having the latest kernel and other software versions at their disposal at any time.

      With my personal choice of an Arch-based distro I didn’t stray too far off the save and secure Deb/Ubu path. I find updates are usually not creating any problems, and even if it’s just stuff that prevents the update from being installed. Just wait a few days and the boys upstream will find a solution … et voila. 😉

      Jackie, you know I’m not nerdy at all and only have a very basic knowledge of Linux. Like you I’m living and working in Linux, not playing with it. I install the system, add some additional softwares and apps and make everything functional and pretty just for myself. This usually takes me 15 – 20 minutes on top of the 15-minutes installation. So all in all still much faster done than a Win installation. And from then on I’m just computing … like I’d do in Windows and Apple. Only prettier, less stressy, with much less maintenance, and more secure … and faster!


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