The Difference …

… between America where you can’t evolve …

America and the rest of the world are 6,000 years old.

… and China, where Florida man stands no chance, because …



No fear!



  1. No, no, no, no, no! Orcsie got it all wrong again – Only reason the Chinese can build all that fancy stuff and Muricans cannot is: God loves China more than the USA! 😉

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    • But but butt … only a very very small minority of Chinese – the most gullible folks – do believe in a christian/muslim/jewish monoatheistic diety. The rest of ’em practice more robust, folksy believe systems. So I guess your god would hate China if he existed … and wasn’t full of love anyway, for all his creatures n shit.

      Oh, so you’re right. 🙂

      One morning god came down from he his cloud-palace in the sky and manifested himself before chairman Ping Pong while he was taking a shower. That was awkward but God didn’t give hoot about the chairman’s vanity. And he said to him “Go forth, my son Ping Pong, and build me a crystal bridge into the big blue nothingness you silly lot call Heaven. And lead your people onto that bridge, so they can worship me by throwing up and falling nauseated to their knees. Oh, and make it look like a giant toilet bowl, and don’t forget some spectacular water features. And throw in the one or other practical joke for good measure.”

      And Ping Pong summoned his bestest clowns. And they went to work. And they created something. Some call it a wonder although in reality it’s just magick.

      And the rest is historia.


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