So Old – Pt. II

I just had to dig a little for darkroom videos on YouTube, after the blogstory a couple days ago: only does Lina wear blue hair in order to show her love and everlasting loyalty for Orca, but wow, what a  really nifty lab rat she is. Now you ignorant youngsters know why photography once was known as a real artform, Painting with Light.

And here’s how the magick werkz:

A photo of a bearded Ansel Adams with a camera on a tripod and a light meter in his hand. Adams is wearing a dark jacket and a white shirt, and the open shirt collar is spread over the lapel of his jacket. He is holding a cable release for the camera, and there is a rocky hillside behind him. The photo was taken by J. Malcolm Greany and first appeared in the 1950 Yosemite Field School Yearbook.Et voila, no more konfused Stranger Things fans!

And here you have a bonus video about Ansel Adams, a legendary photographer:


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