Oh GitHub, What Have You Done?

Microsoft owned = US gov’mt bitch 😦

Orca: “No.”

Trump: “Yep.”

Orca: “Aaaargs! :(“

Meaning GitHub logo and symbol | history and evolution

Didn’t I say it all along, MS purchasing GitHub will lead to nothing good. And now it did indeed happen. Can you believe it? America decides that some countries are now its enemies and isn’t even ashamed using its frivolous bitches, like MS, to end friendships and co-ops and blossoming FOSS and Linux projects. And the big mighty Microsoft doesn’t do anything in order to keep face. Not even the slightest protest. Trump must be such a brutal bully, nobody dares saying anything anymore. 😦

Best download ever!

But at least my favourite Linux distro, the good old Canadian Namib GNU/Linux is downloadable from SourceForge which was always the more honourable solution. Well done by frederic2ec, not to host his ISOs on a treacherous Microsoft-owned server.

… and since we’re just talking about about Trump and his enemies of the state …


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