• Time to get a new archive computer then, don’t you think, Fio? I dunno what it is with ppl and not wanting to buy new(er) hardware, Computershit is cheap af nowadays. Particulary SSD drives going down in prices all the time.

      I still remember back in 97 or so, when I bought and installed around twenty of the Iomega 256 MB drives for the office. We found them groovy back then, and they’ve been really nützlich. The big boss’s secretary was over the moon since she could finally follow an organised back-up plan. Oh, she had some disks, she wrotev all the days of the week on, and then one to cover the whole week and one for the months. She was so well organised, probably still working with he same system, now, over 20 years later. 😉

      Our bosses should count themselves lucky to have such eager gurlies in their employ.


      • Won’t help getting a new comp – someone needs to keep being capable of rescueing scientific data from those antiquated floppy disks.

        That is the sole task I set up the archive computer for – to access data from the archives…

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