*EDIT* Linux Mint 19.2 Released

Heya’ll, hope you’re still doing well. I know it’s a bit much with all the Linux shit going on in this supposed Second Life blog. But you know, my good playing compi is still with the computer repair lady. Dunno how much longer she’ll need to just fix some physical connections … or if she’s found some more grave problems. 😮

Anyway, yesterday I passed by her compound and almost was about to storm the fortress and pry my compi from her dead cold hands but then was too lazy to do anything. So I’m still sitting here, twiddling my thumbs and playing with Linux. 😦

And in that regard me, or rather Karmi, has a cool newness for ya:

Karmi and me, we don’t agree on anything but on Mint. It is really the bestest for young and old, for gurlz and bois, for clever and stupid.

Oh, and we both totally agree on using third-party software and drivers. I bought the graphics card so it is my good customer’s right to make use of Nvidia’s drivers. Particularly if they are so nice to release Linux drivers. No need to use FOSS ersatz drivers, right?

Screenshot by Karmi.

In the same post Karmi links to his personal Top10. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

Not what I would choose.

Let’s see … Ubuntu on #1? Really Karmi? Ubuntu became unacceptable in the moment they switched to Unity desktop, even worse when they zig-zagged back to Gnome … but the nearly unidentifiable, totally fubared and spite/hateful Gnome3.xx. Not anywhere near my top 10.

A fukn Puppy Linux on #2??? Such a geekfest on number two???

Zorin is unspeakably undecided since its very inception. Not something that evokes trust.

#4 Mint belongs on #2!!!

Kodachi is some security shit for geeks, nothing nice for day to day work.

Solus still remains inside my Top 10 as well, if I wouldn’t refuse to even have a Top10.

Astra is a special Linux invented by the Russian Army. Again some security hocus pocus no-one really needs.

Deepin: Chinese made Ubuntu with a really petty desktop. Who needs that shit?

MX Linux that far down? Can people finally agree on it as the bestest available Debian at the moment? Belongs on #3!

Manjaro on 10??? Really? 😮

Fed-Up Artist Creates Very, Very, Very, Very NSFW Trump Troll Doll ...

I guess Karmi is swimming against the stream just for fun and giggles and his day job is that of a Troll. :/

And here is one of probably many following videos …



  1. Astra is a special Linux invented by the Russian Army. Again some security hocus pocus no-one really needs.

    Astra has two versions – have you ever seen and/or tried either?

    Liked by 1 person

      • I probably need to test it again…the common (Red) version. I have a lot more testing under my belt now, and I already have the 3.8GB iso (that doesn’t include LibreOffice and other software, which make the download even bigger) so it would be an easier test this time. Heck, it was so fast in that last test, that it could even move higher in my rankings – w/o the hassle I went thru getting the iso. The special edition (Blue) is the main military thingie they’re using to convert from Windows.

        Liked by 1 person

        • “military thingie they’re using to convert from Windows.”

          Bravo! That’s finally something positive. Particularly if we’re talking about the Russian and other non-NATO powers’ militaries. Nobody should be forced to work on Windows, outsiders of the fukn pro-western crime syndicate even more so than others.

          Buuut, but but, Karmi, what do you personally want with a distro like that? I mean, 3.8GB ISO, that sounds like that stupid SuSE shit. What for does anyone need such fat ISOs?


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