Nostalgic Sentiments

Found this today while scrambling for something entirely different in my old blog:


That squealing cutypie is your bloggeress at some LCC St. Paddy’s afterparty years and years ago. Can’t determine when exactly … and now can’t even find this snapshot again. ;(

And here we have Triumphal and the TrYC back in its heyday:
Triumphal in June 2012
Mowing the lawnbeach at TrYC clubhouse.
Orcafé II on Sansara
Feeling blue in sepia in the first iteration of the OrCafé
Zeeva Quintessa photo exhibition @ the OrCafé
Beginners races at TrYC, October 2013
OrCafé slowly takes shape in … 2009, 2010???
Testing Mothgirl Dibou’s Flying Fizz
Partytime @ OrCafé
Kitten jumps Charlz in her Balduin Aabye Hover Tube
Fi, Orca and skipper Charlz on WildWind RCJ-44
Doe eyed Orcsi in an older shape

Oh wow, we little girls were so brilliantly well organised:
Sammie and Orca at the TrYC infocenter in October 2014
The first OrCafe was kinda hygge. 😉
I never liked the Commodore title

Almost daily RAF raids on Orca’s home by Kittensusie:

My first own home, a humble little parcel in Devilbrook, where the future OrCafé was gonna be built. Probably around 2009
My first photo exhibition on tour  in Serena Estates art gallery, probably 2008

Talking about organised: Laured and Orca hanging out and watching the Race Schedule and RDs in  January 2013:
6 RDs for an action- and funfilled week! What a rockin’ heavy metal band!
Bishies hanging out at OrCafé
Tiny Orca and SL’s mostest famoustest penguin, Chaos Mandelbrot sailing in a tiny vessel
Orca feels very pretty but is just plain vain in her recent shape :/

Totally undermined and overwhelmed by modern technology, I’m sending friendly greetings.



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