\o/ YAY! Singu! \o/


Pleez excuse my gurlish squeal of glee, I couldn’t hold on anymore. 😉

Look, the Singularity viewer team was obviously kinda very bizzy during the last coupla days and made SL’s bestest viewer functional again …

They’ve produced many new test versions in the last 2 or 3 days. And as always with Singu, they thought about us penguins as well.
Because many geeky SL residents are on Linux, and because many Linux users are on Arch, some guy named GordonGR already ported the latest Singu version in the AUR …
… little Orca could connect in a hertbeat. Even fully rezzed and not too bad looking on Gaga’s less than stellar graphics.

Singu frens, it looks like the crisis is over now. That is sooo fukn kewl on so many levels, I guess I can send Orca on her sailing tour again very soon. Only need my good compi back before. Until then I’m gonna entertain you splendidly with some Linuxy hotness. 😉



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