Now You See!

Low-end laptop, Win 10 vs Linux Mint. Who’s faster:

Twice as fast!

I know from first-hand experience that Mint with Cinnamon desktop isn’t a very spunky Linux distro, so with a lean Arch install the results would’ve been even more impressive. There you have it again, Windows is fat and bloated … and slow. While that won’t matter much with the modern computers, no older than, say, three years it will make a huge difference on your older hardware. For example my computers, of which even the newest one is already from 2014, they all run annoyingly speedy when powered by various Linux distros.

And your stone-old ‘puterz? Not doing too well on Win10 neither, right?

So, what are you waitin’ for?

Sometimes people really need to get their ass kicked. | No, THIS ...
That inspirational enough for y’all?



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