Teatro Cultura Artística

This theatre was very important to me, especially after the death of my father, when I found myself almost alone at 17 y.o. I rented a cheap apartment near the theatre, and as the Cultura Artística Society used to sell “cultural passports” valid for one year for only some US$ 100. With the passport I could attend for free one presentation per month, and would have discounts in the others. With limited money, although was not easy to buy the passport, it would let me watch great spectacles during the year, as Berliner Philharmoniker, London Philharmonic Orchestra, and a presentation of “Macunaíma”, a theatre adaptation of the novel “Macunaíma, a hero without a character”, among many others.

When a fire destroyed the theatre in 2008, it hit me very hard. The fire destroyed all the inside of the theatre (2 theatre rooms, a library, classrooms, etc). Fortunately the façade with the mural by Di Cavalcante survived the disaster.

Restoration of the mural started soon after, but rebuilding the interior started only in 2017. Below how it will be:

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