Hallo frens, me’s not a happy camper right now. Although I have a feeling of accomplishment … eventhough I haven’t accomplished much. Do I sound like a fukn oracle? Yes, I’m even gobsmacked myself. But let’s start with the beginning, which is mostly a logical, proven, accepted and good way to start any story, report, or blogpost.


Y’all remember how I promised your fellow blogreader, and my fellow blogger, Robin to try out Xubuntu today, which I even did, already today. Only the time I expected to experiment and play with Xubuntu on MiniMe was even shorter than the initial half hour I had set aside for it.

Because why?

Because Xubuntu is shit! Sorry.

But let’s all have a look:

Ok, first impression is very good. Xubuntu,which is Ubuntu’s edition with the Xfce desktop environment installs and runs very nicely on my old battlehorse MiniMe. This seems like a match made in heaven. This is the desktop as it presents itself a couple seconds after installation, before the initial update process and completely unaltered.
The menu isn’t as comfy as other menus from more heavyweight desktops, but it’s serviceable and will do for now.
Customization is clunky and only allows a few changes.
Software programs opening quickly but aren’t the newest. Even after I did the initial update Gimp is only on version 2.10.8, while in in Arch on my production machine it’s already on 2.10.12. These are the small but fine distinctions that make Arch so much more adorable than all *buntu-based distros.
In Xfce’s terminal I can’t install any Second Life viewers, neither Singularity nor Firestorm. Of course, neither of those viewers is in Ubuntu’s repositories. I so wish for the funky AURย  to make my life easier. But anyway, even with the normal way to run SL viewers directly from their folders, no joy for poor Orcsi. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Okay, that’s the final nail in Xubuntu’s coffin. I guess most of us are Second Life residents, and the ability to run a viewer on our computers is a goddamn must for us! So I abandon Xubuntu on the spot.

Datei:Xubuntu logo and wordmark.svg โ€“ Wikipedia

For the rest, yeah, as always and as I have stated a dozen times already, Xfce is a doable environment. Not as fancy as Mate, Cinnamon or KDE Plasma, but it’s pretty ok for old hardware. We’ve seen Gimp open on the desktop, I don’t expect anything else from other programs. Xubuntu comes with Mozilla’s Firefux browser, which is a sensible decison and works very nicely, as I have downloaded not one but two SL viewers. And, honestly, why shouldn’t it work? Did you expect some fuckery like in Windows or what?


Powered By Xubuntu - linux-apps.comSee, even if I wanted to adapt to and run Xfce on MiniMe, which makes sense, I wouldn’t install it on a *buntu base, but on Arch. Manjaro and Namib both are available with Xfce desktops, on Manjaro it’s even the standard desktop! So a *buntu base seems to me like a uncomfortable detour.

Yes! Xfce is a serviceable desktop, not great but nice and lightweight and reasonably equipped. It’s just no joy to operate. And honestly, I’d prefer not to run any Xfce edition at all. And fortunately I don’t have to. MiniMe is a dedicated test machine, and I won’t need it for anything else. MiniMax and even Gaga are totally capable of running Mate and/or Cinnamon and any other “heavy” desktop, so for now I put even the thought of Xfce far back into my long-term memory and … oopsy! Already forgotten … ๐Ÿ˜ฎ




  1. Hey, thanks for giving it a go. Xfce’s desktop may seem limited and clunky to you (and maybe a lot of other people for all I know), but it’s simplicity and stability are why I really like it! To each her/his own. Oh, and it’s infinitely configurable, from the panel(s) to the font, shadows, borders, etc. You can even do that fancy spinning cube stuff in Xubu if y’want. Lotsa people make it look like Mac or XP because that’s what they’re used to. But it’s really unfair to say Xfce is “clunky and only allows a few changes.” Some of the screenshots of Xfce desktops are freakin’ amazing. Anyway, thanks again for giving it a go and writing a review, even if you hated it! Bless you.

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    • See, what you call simplicity I found everything but. I need more mouseclicks do get stuff done than in Mate, and some things I can’t do at all. Yes, maybe it has more functions than Mate and I just haven’t found them yet. It’s all not so easy in Xfce, a bit more hidden. For example that there isn’t a congruent control center with all customizing options under one roof, makes Xfce appear clunky to me.

      And no, I don’t wanna see any rotating cubes, or cubes at all. I also don’t wanna hear any system sounds. My desktop must appear like dead, bland af. That’s the best. ^.^

      Well, I don’t hate Xfce, it was my first desktop in my first ever Linux installation: Mint Xfce. Fortunately I met my guruine after a couple days and she told me to get rid of distro and desktop … at once! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ She told me to install Manjaro (beta 0.8 back in the day) and Mate and say goodbye to unworthy shit like *buntu-based distros and outdated desktops like Xfce. Of course it was a hard couple weeks at first. Also she, and hubby as well, both said NO DUAL BOOTING for me!!! Imagine housewife me with no fukn clue about Linux, and already overburdened by something as easy as Mint, thrown into the Arch universe after the first few days. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      But all turned out fine for this one n00b.

      And I still count Xfce as one of my three favourite desktops: 1) Mate, 2 and 3) Cinnamon/Xfce.


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