On Fire and Back

After many disasters involving fire, like Notre Dame and Museu Nacional, some things are in the way back, if not in the original form, in a way that give us some hope

First let me talk a bit about the Oceanographic Ship “Prof. W. Besnard”.

Wladimir Besnard, a French-Russian scientist came to Brazil in order to organize the Ocenaographic Institute of the Universidade de São Paulo. Since his arrival he wanted a research ship for the Institute. Finally the plans for the ship were made by the Naval Engineers of the Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, and the shipyard A/S Mjellem Karlsen (Norway) was choosed to build her. When finished and arrived to Brazil in 1967, Prof. Besnard was dead, and the ship was named in his honour.

Thousands os research trips, 6 only to Antarctica, more than 50 th. biollogical specimen.

In 2008, while moored in Rio, a fire determined her retirement. There was no victims other than the ship herself. During the last 11 years, much discussion about what to do with the old ship. Finally the ship will be revamped and used as a a Floating Museum of Sea Sciences. A honorable conclusion to the ship’s saga 🙂

Prof.W.Besnard in 2006 (before the fire)

In 2018, after the fire and years of neglect

Control room (after the fire)

Engine room.

AlphaCrucis, bought by the University to replace the old Prof.W.Besnard

The other case is the Teatro de Cultura Artística, that I will talk about later, in another post 😉


  1. I was lucky enough to hang out in Germany northern France and Paris..for 18 days this past Dec. Notre Dame..was something I only dreamed about seeing..i was thrilled..somethings were closed because of the yellow jacket protests..but even that was interesting ..i even had a chance to walk with some, listen to thier concerns ..our governments may be diffrent but i find people are people no mater what country you are in..we love and worry about the same things.. 🙂

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    • Yes, indeed Sunny. Particularly the Yellow Vests are kinda interesting. First I was like everybody, thinking they were just some ultra radical right wing nuts, spouting out their hate for brown-skinned people. But no, the fears are going much deeper and are more real and much more versatile than I first thought. This has now turned into the first little move of a new revolution of people against the gov’mt, People fighting against their own replacement and being made redundant. The refugee crisis is just a small aspect of what’s going on in Europe.

      And no, our gov’mts in most aspects are not different: They all forgot that they are supposed to work FOR the populace and not AGAINST it. From Trump to May/Boris, Merkel, Macron, Erdogan … they are all shitting on us. The EU is nothing but a super big anti-democratic people-eating monster, selling us out to American mega corps. In the beginning I was thinking are the Brits really that stupid to Brexit from the rest of Europe? But now I know they are really just the first and we all should follow them into independence. That doesn’t mean we can’t have Schengen and internally open borders and act as a united people with a united economy, just take out the backroom secret handshake shady business that’s going on in Brussels.

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      • “I was lucky enough to hang out in Germany northern France and Paris..for 18 days this past Dec.”

        Nothing against the regions and cities but in December??? And you think you were lucky? Come on, be honest: It was miserable wasn’t it?



  2. Very interesting Lucy. I’ve never heard about the Besnard and her unfortunate fate, and I hope her replacement will have more luck and a more competent crew. Very wise decision not to restaurate her but buying a new boat instead.

    The German navy just made themselves look like total fools, after the maintenance costs for the saiiling school barque Gorch Fock piled up fantastillions without any chance for her to ever be released from dry dock ever again. Building a new, better ship would have cost only a fraction. :/




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