… just tested my installation of Debian 10 ‘Buster’ for some hours tonight. Oh did he have plans for it, even brought a USB stick with personal files and shit on it so he could really do some serious stuff on MiniMe, our test computer.

But oy vey, before I tucked him in bed he was like “Debian is crap! You may delete it and put something nicer on that machine.” Ya, so I’m not, like, totally alone in my assessment regarding the new Debian. What a wasted chance for the Deb devs. :/

Ok, enuff of that stupid thing, let’s try the next …


Thank you Robin, for this task you’ve given me. Gonna download and install first thing tomorrow … or one of the next days. Given my track record with various *buntus, I never was impressed by any but the rebellious child, Mint.

Experience with *buntu and the Xfce desktop tells me I won’t even need to download and install Xubuntu to come to a pretty forseeable result. :/ But I’ll do it and expose myself to half an hour of pure boredom. All in my attempt to please Robin and other readers … and in the vague and unrealistic hope that Xubuntu will turn out as a little wonder distro. 😉

I guess Xubuntu paired up with MiniMe, a i5-650 with only 4 GB RAM, a machine a couple years beyond its prime, will be a lovely – if unspectular – pairing. And maybe we’ll see some very nice results.

See you tomorrow, little rodent

See, we humans are quite a resilient, adaptative species and can deal with almost everything. I know the Ubuntu base is serviceable, as well as Xfce is a very doable desktop environment. Not my favourite but it has many fans in the Linux community and serves as standard desktop for many distros, Manjaro being the best known right now.

So I guess, Xubuntu will run spunky and without any hiccups on MiniMe. But that is, as mentioned, a future enterprise and will have to wait until after the next sleep period.



    • Exactly me resentiments about Xfce. Although bland and boring can be good, as the desktop doesn’t try to destract us from our work. But for that I have Mate, which is a bit more luxurious than Xfce … and equally fast if your hardware isn’t totally outdated.

      And yes, there are better bases for your Xfce ecperiments, for example Manjaro or, even betterer, Namib. The main diff is that Namib gets its updates directly from Arch upstream without them being held back by Manjaro. In so far there won’t be stable, testing and unstable repos anymore but you get everything directly from Arch when they send it out.

      For me it works out better than Manjaro nevertheless.

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