Installing Linux is So Easy an 8 Year Old Can do It!

Bold claim! Hm, we’ll see about that …

See what I mean? An 8 y/o can install Linux … remote controlled by daddy, without knowing what she’s doing. Don’t fall for such stupid clickbait! Linux installation is something to be done by juveniles and adults who know what they are doing, or at least know what Linux is and what they are trying to achieve.

I mean, ok, like every other daddy Chris Titus is proud of his widdle pwincess, but she’s clearly not up to the task. And why would she? Any need for her to operate clunky computerz? Comes the time she’ll get a smartphone – as an American teenager probably an iPhone – and will be very adapt in using a wishywashy touchscreen, so she can waste her money on Amazon. No need for a desktop PC or some old men shit like GNU/Linux. Or a political sense, or a sense at all.


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