Allow Me to Indulge …

… in my Linux fetish … at least as long as I’m SL-disabled and can’t really do anything worthwile in our fancy pixelworld. Today I just opened two different views of the fairly insignificant DistroWatch charts. You know how it goes, right? The chart is insignificant as it only measures how many times a certain distro’s site was clicked in the meantioned timeframe and doesn’t represent how many installed versions are out there in the world.

Because if they would do that we all – with our fancy schmancy super Linuxes – would be so humbled by the sheer masses of Ubuntu-powered computers still in existence. Those numbers would dwarf all other distros into exotic sideshows. Ya, it’s sad. It’s not fair. But it’s a legacy of Ubuntu’s grand democratization of the Linux world. Even if it’s unfriendly shit today you can’t get it out of people’s minds. Fukn nostalgia. :/

Anyhoo, on with the bloggo:


Here we see DistroWatch’s standard way of showing the results: The first 3 are as  expected. MX has done great and fought its way to the top and surpassed problematic Manjaro. But again, real life installation base of Manjo is probably 10 times higher than that of MX.

In 3rd place we find the most reasonable Linux distro ever, which only suffers because it’s super predicatable and boring: Mint. Everybody knows everything about it, so it get’s less clicks than the first two.

I don’t understand #4 and 5. Both distros are crap.

Debian on #6 just came out with a new version stable version: 10 ‘Buster’. It comes now with a manageable installer, which makes this old stalwart and freakshow more digestible for normal users. I expect Debian to climb farther up the ladder when the devs will finally make it even friendler. To be brutally honest with you, I was a bit disappointed by both Debian contenders, MX and Debian proper. Don’t like MX’s desktop environment and expected a better user experience in Debian. Particularly after 25 months of development. If the devs are happy with what they’ve done it’s no wonder if Debian  will stay the bestest OS for servers but will be a total sideshow on the desktop.

#7, Solus is a friendly distro and a nice surprise to be still so far up the charts. More about that later.

#8 – 10 are all ok-ish famous distros who linger around those charts positions since eternities and will probably continue to do so. Orca hates them all.


The results of the last 7 days show us a slightly different picture. Some of the new allocations are positive, some more ‘hmmm…’-like.

What did I say about Mint? Most reasonable Linux distro, right? Well, we see Minty goodness has fought its #2 place back from Manjaro, which shows signs of neglect by the success-spoiled developers. Cream rises to the top and it all falls into place. 😉

#4 is a riddle. Where did deepin come from all of a sudden? It doesn’t even appear in the Top 10 in the 6-mth chart and in the 7-days chart it sits big and fat on #5. I wonder who the fuk uses that crap?

#6 and 7 aren’t any better and should be way further down.

Solus on #8is okayyyyy. Congratz to the still acctive desvs after Ikey’s retirement from the project for not only keeping Solus alive on life-support but very succesful in the Top Ten! Many “insiders” – and Orca too – thought Solus would go down without a fight.

Sparky is in the Top 20 since years, as a strong Debian distro. Unfortunately only available with lightweight desktops LXQt and XFCE it lost a lot of appeal for Orca. But it has more than deserved its position  in the Top Ten. This was a distro already user friendly years before MX and Debian  proper wasted the first thought about desktops and usability for us plebs.

#10 Mageia is, and will probaly remain, a fukn riddle for me. Never ever, not even once, managed to get that shit even installed on any of my hardware. But, as a French distro it’s obviously trés charmant, so it seems to have a strong user base in southern Europe.


I just read somewhere in a clever meme that ArchLinux users are spoiled for other distros. 😮 But yes, that’s correct, at least for your correspondent. Since I was on Manjaro, and now Namib, I can’t even accept any other Linux distro as worthy contender anymore. Not even my recommended, useful and resonable Mint. In so far please take my opinions about everything non-Archy with a tablespoon of salt.

More about Manjaro, Namib and ArchLinux as a whole probably later today. But for now I’ve got some RL appointments, so cya laterz …




  1. Orca, the Lady who Fell out of a Well, must have lots of Heyoka blood in her (i.e. she can’t be a Heyoka herself since no Heyoka would live in Africa). Clearly, she is a natural Linux Contrarian Indicator (pick any Distro she hates or doesn’t like – Mint users, you’ve been warned!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I hate clowns with a passion, no not hate … I fear them. But I love your heyokas, as they use irony and sarcasm. Adorable.
      But, but but it’s not Mint users that should fear me, as I really love Mint and think it’s so much better that its base code normally allows. Of course it comes with a lot of Ubuntu problems but has made something truly great from that shitty distro.
      No, really, when I judge distros I don’t use heyoka linguistics as my English skills are not good enough for some elegant wordsmithing that would be necessary for irony and sarcasm.
      So when I find some distro shitty, no problem, I’ll say so.


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