Old Men of Linux :-)

Karmi and co. pleez take note:

Business as usual in oldstyle Linux …

I don’t know about you peepels but I, for one, couldn’t live happily with a Linux distro that’s gonna die after only 9 months of existence and must be replaced by a newer version. What a fukn waste. And, hey, it’s the same in Mint but they have a nifty update system so you won’t need to re-install your whole OS.

After Ubuntu 18.10 reaches end of life, you won’t get the security updates, you won’t get maintenance updates on your installed software and soon you won’t even be able to install programs from Ubuntu repositories.

This is applicable to all the official Ubuntu flavors including Kubuntu 18.10, Lubuntu 18.10, Ubuntu Studio 18.10, Xubuntu 18.10, Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 and so on.

If you are using Ubuntu 18.10, you must upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04

Boy, am I happy to be on my “toy OS”, as Karmi calls it, which is always rolling, always fresh, always up-to-date and sooperdooper easy to maintain. Okay, I can understand the league of old gentlemen; they will always find something to tinker and experiment with in Ubuntu-ish distros, where Orca and her housewives club just install once and roll into eternity with an always workable production system.

Honest now, girls, I said – rather typed – it more than once already, didn’t I? If you’re cool with your Mint and know your way around the ropes, why don’t you give ArchLinux a chance? You’ll find the same easypeasy installer and your favourite desktop as well. Be it Cinnamon, Mint, KDE or whatever, it’s all there.

But don’t listen to me, I’m just a blue-haired beach bimbo with no brain. 😮

Blue hair: Check. Brain: Not found. Can’t be expected to install new Linux versions all the time.




  1. 🤔 I am into rolling releases; which is one of the reasons why I use Solus.

    People who love Ubuntu can benefit greatly by using the LTS versions (Which does not require the user to upgrade to a newer version every nine months).

    ArchLinux is for people who are well-experienced in the area of Linux.

    At the moment, my favourite Arch-based Linux distribution is Manjaro Linux.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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    • Hah, 2 minutes! The fastest reply ever. 🙂

      Solus, ya, I’ve tried it to, didn’t like it too much. And then Ikey didn’t like me too much anymore in return. It’s pretty similar to Arch, I guess they are using the same terminal commands.

      With an LTS version of Ubu you’re falling even farther behind. Not sexy enough for my taste. I’m a spoiled brat. =^.^=

      Arch for well-experienced people? Naaw. You should know what you’re doing and don’t be, like, totally new, but you don’t need to use the terminal any more than in Ubuntu or Solus.

      Manjaro is the most famous Arch. But it gave me a lot of trubbelz! As many other users also report it tends to break after 3 or 4 updates. Although they are always at least 3 weeks behind the Arch updates. 😮 And their support for my fave Mate desktop is lacking. But I see and acknowledge that many many users are really happy with it. I guess the majority is on Xfce. Oh, and Manjaro has the bestest KDE implementation of all Linux distros.

      Still, for me, on my hardware Namib is the better solution. And that shit is 100% Arch compatible … and never breaks!

      Have a good yummy Linuxy day, Renard

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      • “Hah, 2 minutes! The fastest reply ever. 🙂”

        LOL, 2 minutes. I wish. :/ It was 2 minutes after Renard’s post, when I started writing the reply. Then RL happened and it was already 2:14 when I finally sent it off. :/


  2. Looks like you missed humble me. Anyway, you talk like the Lady who Fell out of a Well – she too used a toy OS. Stick to that toy, because you have no clue about real OSes.

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    • Of course I missed you, my man. Did you know there is something wrong with your blog? First my comments were never sent and now the comment function is gone completely. Either that or you have blocked poor little me. 😮

      I stick to OSes that are easy to install, always up-to-date, super fast and uncomplicated and uncrashy … and not made by a huge corporation. Short, distros that make my life easier and make me smile whenever I use them, thank you very much.


      • I shut down all comments…all “Like” button activity also – it’s a Linux blog, not a social ‘comMinty‘ likey type of blog. Took me awhile to figure out how, plus I’ve been changing Themes – free ones only, so they can be a pain.

        Yeah, I know – you buy an expensive mouse that can only use 25-40% of it’s capabilities on any Linux Distro (including your toy Distro), and you still smile away…good for you. 😉

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        • Ya, I’m also using a free theme. Yours btw looks a bit like mine … with two columns instead of three. All the social shit in my blog helps me kinda keeping track, and particularly the comments section, from time to time, turns into a lively forum and idea generator. I like that very much. Let’s not forget this ain’t a Linux blog in the first place.

          My mouse was everything but expensive. In fact the most priceworthy of my now 4 Logitech wireless rodents. Guess I paid around 20-30 €uro for it. And it’s the best one for my needs. I still don’t get it how it only uses 25-40% of its capabilities. No idea what you meant by that. It goes left, it goes right, it goes up n down, it scrolls. And all that with remarkable pixel for pixel exactness and pretty much zero latency. Plus ultralong battery life and no drivers to install. It’s just plug n play and have fun.


    • Træppy, I keep all my data on external HDDs andUSB sticks, that’s not the problem. But why would or should I install new versions every 6 or 9 mth or 3 or 5 years? Why shouldn’t my OS live as long as the computer? Talking about my personal OS, not the many distros I used to install for reviewing.


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