More Linux Mint 19.2 BETA

You’ve already seen my first report and Tom’s video about the soon to come new  version jump of Mint 19; today I’ve found another, more indepth review about the BETA:

Linux & Projects found some stuffz and annoyances that will hopefully be sorted out before 19.2 hits the distribution highway. But see for yourself. And anyway, I guess overall Cinnamon became a bit better and you don’t wanna be a handbrake in the evolution, no? 🙂

My personal prob with Cinnamon, the “beautiful bastard”, traditonally was mainly its rather sluggish speed, but that has been sorted out already some versions ago. Nowadays Cin is running as spunky as every other Linux desktop. Pair that with its familiar Windows-like operating paradigm and just the right amount of flexibility and customization, and you’ll end up with what probably is the mostest bestest desktop on the market.

Not just in Linux but overall!

I guess if you are on Mint 19.1 already, and always do your updates like a good girl, your system will switch to 19.2 automagically. So you can spare yourself the hassle with testing out unproven shit but be quite sure everything will be spic n span before upstream will let it loose on your computer.


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