Hangars Liquides the Cyberpunk City in Second Life. What Will You Do to Help Save it?


Hangars Liquides. Who doesn’t know or at least hasn’t heard of this huuuge cyberpunk city that spans over 5 sims. Obviously they are in trouble. Please read Amanda Magick’s blog report and watch Isabelle Cheren’s video:





Magick Thoughts ❀ Second Life and Real Life

We don’t want iconic places going into the SL sea do we? With the new terms by Linden Lab, Hangars Liquides cannot have rentals to support it since it is a nonprofit. LL has reached out to make an exception but we still fear the worst for this HUGE amazing build that has been a community in Second Life since 2007. Every part of it is custom built and like nothing else in the virtual world.

If you LOVE cyberpunk would you rent there or donate to keep it self sustaining? What would you do to help? If you are interested in helping and learning about this huge 5 sim project follow this link.

Too many lovely, intriguing, elaborately built places in Second Life are sinking into the virtual sea. What can we do as a community to help make sure this doesn’t happen to the most aged, prominent and…

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