My Land! :)

It’s beautiful. And I thought we’ve seen it all. Until I stumbled upon these two aerial videos. In High Definition. Whoa! So if you have about an hour to waste, fly with me over South Africa. First video is mostly about the touristy south coast …

… while the second features landscapes and sights of the interior.

Really, so much beauty. Can’t wait for the next road trip. =^.^=



    • Ya, isn’t it splendid? Thx for your envy. 🙂

      Too bad it was ruled over by a buncha religious loons and asshole nazis for much too long. But for us latecomers – we set foot on SA soil for the first time in 1997 – it turned out to be pretty cool. Back in Germany we paid much too much rent for a small flat, here we own a little house with even littler garden. But it’s ours!

      And right now we couldn’t even afford any vehicle anymore in Germany and would have to ride bus or subway, while here in SA we can afford playing with old cars and bikes and have sushi at least once a month. Add to that the weather and the mostly nice people and this is the perfect place to spend our poor retirement years.


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