How Could This

… fine Linux laptop escape my attention?

But we don’t want any Apple crap anyway, do we?

What also escapes me is the reason why OMG! ubuntu!’s writer compares this particular Slimbook to the most default Apple lappy. Maybe the formfactor or the sexy appeal and build quality? Well, this all seems to be a given with the Slimbook Pro X.

Let’s have a glance at the specs, if you’re too lazy to just follow the link to the original article. 1.1 Kg is very lightweight, display is 14″ 1080×1920, and the Intel i7-8565U processor is superduper for a mobile computer.

Add to that a full assembly of USB ports and a full-size HDMI connection, and not one but two of those fancy fashionable M.2 slots for more SSD drive thingies. Oh, and the RAM is not soldered on so you can add more whenever you like.

Oh, and this machine doesn’t even rely on Intel onboard graphics but comes equipped with a dedicated MX250 graphics card. Ok, that’s not a real gaming screamer but should give you a lot more oomph than the Intel-solution.

Prices start at 998 €Woolongs, which is steep but actually really justifiable … I guess.

Okay, honest, wanna hear my opinion?

I’m not a gamer, only log into Second Life like once a week or so. And SL needs heck more power than the MX250 can deliver if I wanted to use it for some real SL sessions, like sailing, clubbing, motorcycle cruising and stuff like that. And for just standing around on my parcel even the Intel HD shit will do. So this Slimbook hangs somehow undecided in the middle of my or hubby’s demands list. What we really need is just a strong second-hand Lenovo ThinkPad that we can get for much much less money.

Oh yes, the Linux question …

Ok, once again, in my not so humble opinion all of those Linux-specialised hardware “manufacturers” are exploiting people’s insecurities. Of course, this Slimbook is guaranteed to run Linux, whoopdeedoo! But so is the majority of laptops by other manufacturers. Above a certain price point, and even before entering the professional realm, you can be quite sure the UEFI of your new or older machine will run Linux without a problem. Also you know how to Google or DuckDuck or Startpage,  right? To find out if your envisioned new lappy will accept your Linux installation only takes one search.

Lenovo ThinkPad L470
Lenovo ThinkPad L470, one of the cheaper, most basic Lenotops.

Don’t believe me? Let me “Google” that for you:


Enough results for you to see what you can do with Linux on your Lennytop? And this is just what found a space on my screen. There are more results with opinions and expertise below this snippet.

Hero image
For the posh and chic Linux bae: System 76

So once again: NO! I don’t recommed purchasing new and expensive Linux hardware. You won’t need it! Really not. If on the other hand you’re a fancy woman and like fancy hardware, than do it right and get stuff from the best Linux hardware supplier in your respective country. Slimbook is based in Espańa, so probably delivered all over mainland Europe. As US citizen I wouldn’t even think about ordering from there, you got System76 at your disposal, which make fantastic hardware and you won’t get in trubbel with customs and intl money laundering banking n shit.

But for the rest of us, any thrift shop will do. Or used ThinkPads.

Last protip from lovely, caring and helpful Orcsibaby: DON’T BE DAFT!



    • Neither would I, Renard, no clear thinking person would. They offer some adorable hardware, although mostly Clevo barebones from what I hear. But I haven’t really checked Sys76’s website in years. Maybe they’ve come up with some own designs by now.

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