DigiBro About The KyoAni Fire

“You die!” the attacker shouted. And then the deathtrap inferno broke out.

It went very fast for Digi to react and come up with kinda eulogy but thankfully is he a master of the word. And say what you will, he always gets me and makes me choke up with his more darker video essays.

And today is a very special occasion on which we all should choke and grief and maybe even cry a little.

33 confirmed dead, 36 badly injured, a handful MIAs. For what reason we’ll probably never know.

Of those 33 people, NHK reports that 12 were men, 20 were women, and one is unknown.

Some of the assumed victims are still missing …

Shit, I don’t even wanna know what happend to their bodies.

According to police, the man ran into the three-storey studios and offices of Kyoto Animation Co. shortly before 10.30am. Witnesses say he sprayed a liquid around the ground floor of the building and set fire to it and was shouting “Go die”. Police say that around 70 people were in the building when the fire broke out. 

People living nearby told local media that they heard a series of explosions and saw thick black smoke billowing out of broken windows. 

“A person with singed hair was lying down and there were bloody footprints”, a local resident told Kyodo News. 

A 16-year-old schoolgirl said: “Five or six people were lying on benches or blue sheets looking limp, and among them was a woman bleeding from her head. Neighbours were bringing blocks of ice and drinks for the people with burns.

“Victims of the fire were wrapped in what looked like aluminium foil before being taken to the ambulances, with their faces and hands stained with soot,” she said. “They were given oxygen from cylinders”.

“I heard a bang and the black smoke and the burning smell were awful”, said the manager of a nearby hairdresser.

The Telegraph

Earlier DigiBro video on the topic:



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