***EDIT!*** Linux Mint 19.2 BETA

Hey lovely fellow housewives on a Linuxy mission,

knowing how mature and realible and not at all exciting our old stalwart Mint has become, I guess it’s no risk to install Beta versions before the original release date. So just watch Tom as he explains what has changed since 19.1 and then go and install it yourself:

Nice? Ya eh?

But are you really, like, totally satisfied? I mean, really SATISFIED! On an emotional and sexual level too?


Good. Maybe it’s time, if you feel up for it, to install something a bit more fancy schmancy. Like for example …


… or …


… or …


… or hardcore ..


… or be really daring and go the …


… route! 🙂


And here is a obviously extatic IG:

Faster and snazzier than 19.1! What’s not to love about the most well-rounded Linux distro ever?


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