*EDIT!* All I See Are Dead Waifus! :o

When otakus become real creeps. 😦

If you didn’t know, Kyoto Animation is one of the bestest animation studios in Japan and made many many super cool series. For example about my favourite anime rock band HTT, from K-ON! …


Bodycount went up by 6! 😦

What did you expect? Some snazzy commentary with lame jokes or what? No, not from me. Jeezuz, 33 obviously very talented, anime artists have perished in the flames. That’s not funny. Not at all.

My condolences to the survivors and the families of the dead. 😦

Best illustration I could find: K-On!’s band members are praying for the killed draughtspeople.

My favourite anime YouTuber, Digibro is a bit behind the times …


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