No SL for Orca :(

Ok, that Firestorm refuses to install from the AUR we already established earlier today, right? Just tried it again a couple minutes ago but still no joy. Other FS users are already complaining on Firestorm’s homepage, so I’m not alone in this shitty situation.

And just now tried, against all odds, to install the Singularity Alpha Viewer but oy vey …


See that? Out-of-date? Ugh man, does that mean I’ll be a fukn cloud again? 😦

And even when I try to just download the normal version, directly from Singu’s website, it totally refuses to start the download. What the fuk is wrong with SL and our most beloved viewers?

Any of you tried to install the Firestorm update And, how did it go? Everything cool in Windows? And non-Arch Linux distros? Please let me know.




    • Yes, Moz, I guess I could do that. Good idea. Don’t need the latest version anyway, for my very short visits to SL while my good gaming machine is in hospital on life support. Gotta find out if there are older versions in the AUR (good), or downloadable from the FS website (we should normally never do that) …


    • I usually grab new software as soon as its out. LOL, as ArchLinux user all the shit usually comes on by itself and I can’t help being alwyas up-to-date. It’s just that I’m on a spare machine with a freshly installed OS right now, and need to add a SL viewer. Singu right now is a bit shitty and someone mucked up the installation routine for FS in the AUR too. 😮

      Will, check it again later. That’s the beauty of Linux and FOSS: Thousand eyes on everything, so no error goes unnoticed. And neither ArchLinux fraggelz nor FS devs are dummies so I’m pretty sure it will all be sorted in a couple hours.


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