Little Gaga Takes Over

Oi punx!

What a lovely morning, isn’t it? Shit I don’t know, it’s dark out and much too dark and early (5 a.m.) to see how the weather’s gonna be, and I’m waiting for the overdose of Aspirin to kick in. But at least there’s no frost on the windows, so I guess it’s gonna be ok-ish and fair. Just browsed through my emails, not much spectacular news to report about. Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary is of course the big topic in space freak’s (or NASA groupie) Inara’s blog, and a new Firestorm viewer is out, as per Nalates and Daniel. Rest of the blogs I subscribbled to is bumbling along just fine, showing us the newest fashion trends … business as usual. 😉

Typical business also on Orca’s desk …

Gaga had to take over production work from MiniMax again. It was werking just fine, only the USB ports didn’t. 😮 Fukn cheapo mobo. Anyhoo, brought him into repair and then …
… bought some sushi, of which you can see the ravished rests in the first photo. I’m now having a sushi breakfast to build up strength before branching out for early morning yoga and aqua splash.

As  you can see, nothing spectacularly new under the sun. Only, yes, maybe this is a good time time to remind everyone to always have at least two computing machines at the ready. See, hadn’t I told you about tek probs in OrcaBlog headquarters you wouldn’t even noticed anything different yet, do ya?

Of course bringing Gaga in as temporary main gig wasn’t entirely as easy as I made it appear. As you can see in the upper photo, I had to connect her to our good 24″ screen for better viewing, and also I scrubbed Manjaro off of Gaga and replaced it with my usual go-to distro, Namib GNU/Linux. Nothing wrong with Manjo, I could’ve used that one quite fine but, see, installing a modern Linux distro is only a 5-minutes affair. We’re fancy bishies, aren’t we? And not werking on Windows, so it’s no problem to switch out operating systems without any interruption of the computing day. 🙂

With the maturity of most Linux distros nowadays, it’s neither time-consuming nor risky to rebuild even your main production machine practically on the fly. 🙂 All it needs is an internet connection and a USB thumbdrive …

SanDisk Cruzer Ultra Flair USB Stick - 32GB kopen? |
These SanDisk drives are my favourites right now. Small but not too small and no fiddly parts to kaputt or lose. Stuff a couple of those in you cargo pants pockets and you’re set for endless Linux fun installing adventures. 😉

Only one small little problem remaining now: Gaga’s Intel onboard graphics aren’t the bestest, so I guess bigger inworld sailing adventures gotta wait until I get MiniMax back from the repair lady. :/

But let’s see if the new FS version already made its way into the AUR …

FS NewVersion
FUK YEAH! ‘trizen’ is the new AUR “handler” which replaced the old ‘yaourt’ in most fancy ArchLinux systems, of which my Namib surely is one. 😉 And as #1 option you will find the latest and greatest FS viewer of 16 July 2019. That was a quick adaption by some nifty Linux-loving SL resident! Or SL-loving ArchLinux user. Thx so much. xoxo

… 3 gazillion years later …


Oh fuk, wotz wrong? Something not quite right with Gaga or did the Second Life fairie made a teensy tiny little ooopsy? Looks like Gaga ran out of storage space. 😮 Will have to try again later. :/

Anyhoo, off to the gym with me. Yoga, showers, sauna … life can’t be any better than that.

Laterz fraggelz xoxo



    • Ya eh? Can you believe some people don’t like fish for breakfast? Idjitz! :/

      What’s yummy in the evening tastes as well in the morning!!! And was I supposed to let the leftover sushi go to spoils? I’m not American, still have some respect for my food and would never throw anything away.

      Liked by 1 person

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