LEA Linden Endowment For the Arts is Closing in Second Life

Ouch, what a sad development Amanda Magick reports about. The LEA sims will be closed by the end of August??? That’s really bad, as those sims were an easily accessible way to enjoy some art, even for barbarians like Orca.
Read all about it in Amanda’s blog …

Magick Thoughts ❤ Second Life and Real Life

I had no idea that LEA is not part of the actual Linden Staff and is actually run by some hard working Art lovers of SL as The Linden Endowment of The Arts Committee. They are stepping down so LL can revamp it or do something new? I just can’t believe it is closing. I got this information from the Facebook Group – Linden Endowment For The Arts FB Group. Here is the Post by Joanna Balogh.

I am still looking for concrete info by Linden Lab in forums or on the Second Life Website with no avail. When I get it I will add it to this blog. I have enjoyed the LEA sims for years as the blogger for all of the lovely builds by Tahiti Rae such as Love Henry, Evre, The Gates of Oria, and The White Cliffs of Dover. Use the search field on my…

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